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Genoa Bastia Genoa
Genoa - Bastia
1 passenger
one way from
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11th April - 29th October

Port of Genoa - Stazione Marittima
Port of Bastia - Gare Maritime

6h 15mins - 7h (day crossing);
7h - 10h (night crossing)
departures: in the morning and in the evening

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Bastia, the main port and administrative capital, is one of Corsica's most beautiful cities. Only Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napoleon, rivals it for the title of most beautiful city. Bastia is characterised by the 19th-century Italian edifices overlooking the old port, which lend a typically Mediterranean flavour to the town.

From 11th April to 29th October, start your Corsican holiday with a refreshing morning crossing on a MOBY Lines ferry from Genoa to Bastia. Our ships are real fun for kids!

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