Info and services - Organising your ferry crossing

Useful information about boarding Moby Lines ferries with cars and other vehicles, information to help you make the most of your crossing.

People with disabilities and people with reduced mobility

Passengers with a disability or reduced mobility who require assistance during embarkation need to inform the shipping company at least 48 hours prior to departure and arrive at least 60 minutes before the departure time, indicating their requirements to our port and/or on-board staff so that their vehicle can be parked close to the appropriate entrances and assistance provided during embarkation, if necessary.
For further information regarding procedures, please read Article 17 of the General Conditions and summary.

There is a wheelchair available on all ships to use exclusively to bring the passenger into the cabin.

Regulation (UE) 1177/2010: Read more


Before boarding the ship (latest 30 minutes for passengers and 90 minutes for passengers travelling with vehicles. 2 hours from the port of Genoa), all passengers must check in. If the check in is not done in this requested time, we cannot guaranty the transportation.

For departures from Genoa, passengers may drive not earlyer but 6h before the ships' departure into the ports' area, and that only with a valid ticket.


Vehicles can be parked on any of the vehicle decks.

Vehicles that run on liquid gas (LPG or methane) must be specified at the time of booking. The tank must be at least half empty. You are required to advise check-in staff of the type of fuel used.

Vehicle decks can only be accessed by the driver.

Vehicle length is the full length including tow-bar and any other appendages.

Campervans, caravans, SUVs and other vehicles taller than 220 cm must be specified in the booking.


The ticket is issued under a name, is non-transferrable, and is valid for only those crossings specified on the ticket. The passenger is to keep the ticket and present it on request of an officer or a representative of the transport enterprise.

Loss / Theft
The booking office must be notified immediately of loss of a ticket or theft of a ticket. Replacement tickets may only be issued on condition that the lost ticket has not been used, a reservation has been made and the passenger can provide proof of identity by passport or identity card. Generally € 10,00 will be charged immediately for the issue of a replacement ticket as a processing fee at port office.


Valid identity (passport or European member state ID card) will be requested for boarding, to confirm the particulars provided in the booking. We would like to remind you that for all crossings between Italy and Corsica an identity document valid for international travel (passport or European member state ID card) must be carried all passengers, including minors.
IMPORTANT: From 28 June 2012 all minors require their own identity document beyond their national borders. From this date, minors will no longer be able to travel on their parents' identity documents.

Pregnant women must provide the boarding officer with a medical clearance certificate explicitly for this journey, which must not be issued earlier than 48 hours before departure (48 hours before the outbound and 48 hours before the return).
This certificate can be issued by a doctor a medical institution.


Passengers with reservations for cabins and recliners must report immediate after embarkation to the reception desk on the ship. 90 min. after departure, the seats not taken are forwarded to passengers who registered in a waiting list at the reception of the ship. Clients have to leave their cabins 1 hour prior to arrival.

From April to September, the cabin assignment will be effected during check-in's. The cabin card must be picked up at the information desk of the ship.
For the assignment of the reserved cabin (October-March) or the reserved Coach seats (all year), it is essential to go to the ship's information desk not later than 90 minutes after departure. Not assigned accomodations will be sold to waitinglist passengers.

Cabins for disabled passengers are not sold online due to limited availability. Please phone us on 49(0)611-14020 to book.


Pets require a ticket to board. Dogs must wear a muzzle and be held on a leash. Pets are not allowed in cabins (with exception of the animal-cabins), in coach seats areas, and communal areas. Pets are allowed on external decks or in designated kennels, where available (places are limited). We would like to remind you that foreign authorities may ask to see valid documents such as a European passport, veterinary certificate and vaccination record for your pet (rabies vaccinations must be given at least 21 days before the departure date).
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