Milan, October 23, 2017 – MOBY has won, for the fourth time running, the Quality Seal “Best in Italy – Champions of Service” for 2017/2018, the prestige recognition from the Istituto Tedesco Qualità e Finanza, one of the most important not only in Italy but internationally.

A Prize that testifies to the impressive job done by Moby in recent years, a source of pride for the Company and the entire Onorato Armatori Group, and a demonstration of the great commitment day after day to ensuring passengers have the best possible travel experience.
Maximum attention to passengers, high-quality services, efficient and comfortable ships are at the basis of the mission of the Blue Whale Company, with all-Italian personnel and the aim of offering passengers are crossing that is relaxing and enjoyable with a choice of several routes that connect all year round the Italian peninsula with Sardinia, Corsica, France and the Isle of Elba.

In particular, the Onorato Armatori Group Company won first place in the “Ferries and Ships” sector for its customer service.
Travelling with Moby is a unique experience, and thanks to its unmistakable ships and its being “Made in Italy” it guarantees above average quality in the carefree company of Looney Tunes, for the joy of old and young.

This award from the German Institute has shown over the years it is the most wide-ranging study of the service offered by companies in Italy, developed in cooperation with the Goethe University in Frankfurt. The study submits the practices of 675 companies in 89 different sectors of the economy to the judgement of Italian consumers. It is the customers themselves, in an online survey, who award the prizes to the companies concerned.

“The quality seal ‘N° 1 SERVICE - Ferries and Ships’ confirms the high level of service Moby offers to its customers,” said Christian Bieker, director of the Istituto Tedesco Qualità e Finanza. “The company stepped on to the podium, in first place in its sector, with an SES service rating of 77.1%. This means that almost 8 customers out of 10 judged the service received from Moby is very good. The Istituto Tedesco Qualità e Finanza congratulates Moby, which has won for the fourth consecutive year in its sector the Champions of Service competition.”

It is no accident that the Company distinguishes itself for the many services that it offers every day to its passengers, thanks to highly qualified and motivated personnel who are always sensitive to evolution in demand: from the shopping area to the show lounge, the children’s area, the games rooms and restaurants and self-service cafes that offer menus with typical products of Mediterranean cooking, with a children’s special for the little ones.
Travelling with Moby also means feeling the pride of a Group that sails Italian and defends the maritime traditions of our country.

Up to 4700 departures for Sardinia (up to 27 a day) and a maximum daily capacity of about 62,000 passengers. Moby, together with Tirrenia, offers the largest network of connections and a wide choice of times and departure ports, with the possibility in the high season of travelling both by night or day thanks to extra departures. Travelling with Moby and Tirrenia means feeling completely at your ease in a pleasing environment.