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    Enjoy a comfortable crossing on a MOBY Lines ferry at unbeatable prices!
    Why wait to take advantage of a Best Offer fare now? Best Offer is a piggy-back deal for crossings on which there is a Best Price fare available.
    The booking system will automatically find the lowest fare where the Best Offer deal is applicable.

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    Sardinia ferries
    Genoa - Olbia / Olbia - Genoa
    Livorno - Olbia / Olbia - Livorno
    Piombino - Olbia / Olbia - Piombino
    Civitavecchia - Olbia / Olbia - Civitavecchia

    Corsica ferries
    Genoa - Bastia / Bastia - Genoa
    Livorno - Bastia / Bastia - Livorno
    Nice - Bastia / Bastia - Nice

    Sardinia - Corsica
    Santa Teresa di Gallura - Bonifacio / Bonifacio - Santa Teresa di Gallura

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    How to book

    To be eligible for a Best Offer fare you need to book for at least one car or one motorbike and one passenger.
    Booking form (top left): select date and route (see Routes) and click on SEARCH to go to the Availabilities page

    1. Availabilities Page: choose a crossing with a Best Offer  fare in the far-right column and click on CALCULATE FARE to go to the Bookings page
    2. Bookings Page: choose the type of car in the pull-down vehicle list (Best Offer fares are available for categories 1, 2, and 3) and click on CALCULATE FARE >> the system will search for all availabilities and highlight the cheapest available fare
    3. Select your preferred fare and continue with your booking by clicking on CONTINUE
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    • Best Offer can only be cancelled against 100% cancellation fees. No reimbursements for no-show for the trip/partial route. In case of cancellation, 100% fee will be charged for all categories and people associated to special fare Best offer (SBP).
    • Best Offer is only valid if a car or motorbike is booked. In addition, must be booked 1at least 1 passenger (with or without cabin booking)
    • The tariffs are valid as long as there are free places.
    • Best Offer is valid for all destinations, but only applicable in period Best Price.
    • Reservations for these promotions are necessary (you cannot buy tickets with this fare at departure date).
    • On the Corsica and Sardinia routes, the tariffs are changeable for a certain fee. For each modification (also for names) we will charge you € 10,00 for Corsica routes and € 25,00 for Sardinia routes, plus the possible difference between the former price and a necessary higher price. The ticket price does not change if due to a modification the price of the new booking is lower than the originally reserved trip, i.e. the original value of the booking is charged. A booking change or name change on line Sarcors or line Elba is not possible.
    • These offers do not apply to bookings that were already made and cannot be combined with other reductions or our special tariffs.
    • Best Offer apply exclusively to motorcycles or passenger vehicles, which are stated in our price lists as cat 1, 2 or 3, max. lengths 5m - max height 2,20m.  A height over 2,20m is not allowed. Empty or laden vehicles and delivery trucks of every type, which are foreseen for the transportation of merchandise, are not allowed. This offer does not apply to minibuses from 9 seats, pickups, campers, caravans, trailers and all other cars over 5 m long.
    • Best Offer is only valid, when a booking is done also for a motorized vehicle. If it is noted at embarkation that a motorized vehicle is missing or, that the vehicle is a special vehicle, (not listed as cat. 1,2,3) you will be fined with the difference between the special offer price and the Normal Tariff E for all passengers and vehicles plus penalty.
    • If our staff at embarkation finds out, that wrong details or categories are listed on the ticket you will be also fined with the difference to the maximum price plus penalty.

    We recommend taking out cancellation insurance of Hanse Merkur.