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Discover Malta,the honey -coloured island with its reefs and rocks bathed by the sea unique atmosphere, full of life and culture, surrounded by crystal waters and the splendour of the islands of Gozo and Comino. An enchanted place with an ancient flavour that you can enjoy all year round.

With TIRRENIA you can reach Malta from Catania.

Before you leave, you can visit Catania in all its beauty. It is the city that houses the historic Villa Bellini, the Cathedral, Greek theatres and pistacchio nuts that are famous all over the world. Huddled between the sea and the imperious volcano of Etna, it is ready to show you all its baroque charm.

Come aboard and be carried to the heart of the Mediterranean to discover places not to be missed.

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The route is managed by Tirrenia.


7h 30 mins

Day crossing


8h - 11h

Night crossing

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