Tremiti islands ferries

Reach the Tremiti Islands


Reach Tremiti

The Adriatic archipelago can be reached with Tirrenia ferries all year round.

The crossing takes an hour and a quarter, with departures from the port of Termoli and arrivals in the port of San Domino every day except Tuesday and Thursday. On these two days, the ferries arrive in the Tremiti Islands at the port of San Nicola, unless weather and sea conditions are bad.
Tickets for vehicles can only be purchased at the port.

For more details on the Tremiti Islands - Termoli - Tremiti Islands route, see the relevant page.

Sail Italian, sail Tirrenia.

Price per person one way. The tarif applicated varies depending on date and time of departure as well as the load of the ship. The tarif is valid only for the indicated port of destination.