Information and advice for pregnant women

Notes for pregnant women

It’s good travelling on the ferry, even when you’re pregnant

Pregnant women can safely travel on our ships: the crossing has no counter indications for expectant women as long as they are in good health and their pregnancy is not at risk.

In any case, to board the ship you must present a medical certificate expressly authorising the voyage and guaranteeing your physical condition. The certificate, which must be handed to an officer on board, needs to be issued no more than 48 hours before departure (in the case of a return trip the certificate must be issued 48 hours before outgoing departure and 48 hours before the return departure). The certificate may be issued by a competent doctor or by an authorised structure.

Our ships, with their many on board services, offer a whole series of comforts that can guarantee pregnant passengers are pleasing and relaxing trip. Ample spaces, both in the open and inside, permit great freedom of movement, while the passenger saloon is the ideal place to relax.

On long voyages, pregnant women are warmly recommended to book a cabin, where they will be able to rest and enjoy the voyage in peace.