Internet and wi-fi

Navigating in every sense

Surf the web even out at sea!

On board MOBY and Tirrenia ferries to Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily you can use the paid Wi-Fi service and remain online for as long as you want.

Switch on Wi-Fi and connect your device!
When you enter a web address, the Wi-Fi access portal will appear automatically and you can buy your Internet package with a Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card.
Enter the pin you were given when you bought your data plan on the Internet access page.

Stay connected throughout the crossing: answer emails, send WhatsApp messages, chat and post on social networks.

You can check how much you’ve consumed and disconnected any time.
The service is available for all portable devices, Windows, IOS and Android, that have an integrated Wi-Fi adapter.





Package Name

 3 Euro


 30 Minutes


3 Euro


50 MB


5 Euro

Time 60 Minutes Silver

5 Euro

Data 100 MB Silver

10 Euro

Time 150 Minutes Gold

10 Euro

Data 250 MB Gold


On MOBY and Toremar ships sailing to and from the Tuscan Archipelago, Wi-Fi connection is completely free.

The Wi-Fi service is a technological innovation, a high quality service available for you throughout the crossing.