Kids and the family

The ship of 1000 wonders

With MOBY, Tirrenia and Toremar, travelling with the family has never been such fun!

Adults and kids will have plenty of chances to have fun, relax, socialise and have a good time together.
Carefree is the moto on our crossings.

On board the aeroplane areas with balls and tunnels, exciting videogames, cinemas with the best films and a fantastic swimming pool, where the little ones can enjoy themselves with mum and dad.

But all this enjoyment will leave you really hungry! And to satisfy big little appetites, in the self-service you’ll find a “KIDS’ SPECIAL” menu, all for the little ones. On MOBY ships, if you choose the fun chicken and chips you’ll receive the mythical Looney Tunes cup as a gift, while in the Tirrenia self-service you can choose either pasta and tomato sauce or chicken, both with chips, and you’ll receive a set of coloured pencils and a napkin to colour.

But the surprises don’t end here. Your kids can travel at a special price: up to 3 years they don’t pay the passenger fare, and from 4 to 11 years they only pay 50% of the passenger tariff.

And before you disembark don’t forget to take a selfie with the whole family with the likeable Looney Tunes characters and the thrilling superheroes you’ll find on our ships: it will be a wonderful memento of your holiday that will last forever.

A voyage on board also means this: unforgettable holidays, time together, new encounters, good things to eat and lots and lots of fun!