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Regulations Governing the "MOBY Club 2015" event

These regulations have been drawn up in accordance with Art. 6 of Presidential Decree 430 of 2001, sub-pgph c(a), introduced by Art. 22b, pgph 1 of Legislative Decree 116 of 2014.

1. Promoter: MOBY S.p.A, whose head office is located in Via Larga 26, Milan, with combined tax number and Milan companies register number 04846130633. Hereafter called "MOBY".

2. Name of event: "MOBY CLUB 2015"

3. Duration
3.1 The event named "MOBY Card 2015" commences on 16 March 2015 and terminates on 15 March 2022.
3.2 Points may be collected up until 15 March 2022 and prizes may be requested up until 15 March 2022.

4. Territory covered: Italy.

5. Products covered by the promotion: crossings on MOBY S.p.A. ferries sold only on the company's website, in MOBY sales offices (listed at the end of the regulations) and in authorized agencies.

6. Object of the event: to promote the products and services sold by MOBY S.p.A. and to create customer loyalty.

7. Recipients of the promotion: all customers who purchase passenger and car/motor vehicle tickets for ferries managed by MOBY S.p.A and who intend to subscribe to the program.

8. How the program works and description
8.1 SUBSCRIPTION TO THE PROGRAM: subscription to the "MOBY Card 2015" program may be carried out online or in authorized Italian MOBY sales offices.
8.2 All natural persons over the age of 18 who visit a MOBY sales office in Italy during the program period or who use the company's websites (,,,, can subscribe to the event at any time.
8.3 The Customer will receive a temporary membership card with a card number, username and password.
8.4 The Customer may use the username and password supplied to access the MOBY Card 2015 section on the company's websites.
8.5 If the Customer subscribes to the program on one of the company's websites, the card number, username and password will be sent to the email address provided by the Customer.
8.6 The card remains the property of MOBY S.p.A. If the subscription to the MOBY Card 2015 program conflicts with the provisions of the Regulations or if the card's use does not comply with these Regulations, MOBY S.p.A. reserves the right to suspend use of the card without prior warning, to revoke the Customer's membership and to cancel any MOBY Card 2015 points that have been collected but not used at the time that the discrepancy is notified, and to cancel any rewards that have been acquired but not yet used.
8.7 The Card is personal and without an expiry date, unless otherwise specified by the promoter. The Card may only be used by the person named on the Card.
8.8 MOBY S.p.A. cannot be held responsible for fraudulent use of the lost or stolen Card before the company has been advised of its loss or theft.
8.9 By signing the MOBY Card 2015 application form, the Customer agrees that they have read and accepted in full these Regulations ("Regulations").
8.10 The Customer vouches for the accuracy of the personal data supplied and agrees to advise the company via the MOBY Card 2015 office or via the relevant MOBY Card 2015 section of the company's websites if their personal data changes.
8.11 MOBY S.p.A. reserves the right to refuse access to the MOBY Card 2015 program to anyone who does not fulfil the requisites of these Regulations or to exclude such people from MOBY Card 2015 if the aforementioned requisites are subsequently found to be lacking, without prejudice to their acquired rights.
8.12 The Customer has the right to withdraw from the MOBY Card 2015 program at any time before it expires.
8.13 In this case, without prejudice to the possibility of requesting and obtaining a reward if enough MOBY Card 2015 points have been collected, any Points remaining at the time of withdrawal will be forfeited.
8.14 Customers who have subscribed to previous editions of the MOBY Card are by rights subscribed to the new card without prejudice to the right to request that it be cancelled.

9. Theft or loss of the card
9.1 In the event that the Card is lost, stolen or damaged, the Customer must contact the MOBY Card 2015 Office immediately, by email to or phoning +49 611 14020, so that a new Card can be issued.
9.2 The Points collected will be transferred to the new Card automatically.
9.3 If the collected points have been used for a reward before the Card is effectively blocked, they cannot be loaded onto the new card. MOBY S.p.A. cannot be held responsible if any collected Points held on the card are used before it is advised of the loss or damage.

10. Attribution of MOBY Card 2015 points
10.1 (Value of ticket) implies the value in Euros of the following services only: passengers, vehicles and cabins. Excluding taxes, duties and fees.
10.2 MOBY Card 2015 Points are calculated on the value of the ticket after the trip has been completed, net of taxes, duties, and fees.
10.3 In the case of tickets valid for more than one trip, for example Return Tickets, the points will be calculated after each single crossing has been completed.
10.4 MOBY Card Points will be allocated only after the trip has been completed.
10.5 The Customer must present their MOBY Card 2015 card at the time of purchase (or, in the case of online purchases, the Customer must log in with their username and password).
10.6 Cancelled tickets are not MOBY Card Points.
10.7 Calculation of points:

For single-trip tickets:
Upon completion of the trip, every EUR10.00 of the value of the ticket, excluding taxes, duties and fees, earns 1 MOBY Card point.
For return tickets:
Upon completion of the trip, every EUR10.00 of the value of the ticket, excluding taxes, duties and fees, earns 1.5 MOBY Card points.
MOBY Card Points are calculated by rounding down to whole numbers.

10.8 MOBY Card Points collected by different Customers cannot be combined in any way and the points of different Customers cannot be compensated.
10.9 Customers may not in any way sell or trade their MOBY Card Points or Rewards.
10.10 Only tickets purchased for travel undertaken by the Customer and/or members of their immediate family with the same surname qualify for MOBY Card Points. The person named on the ticket must be the card holder.

11 Calculation of MOBY Card coupons, limitations and conditions of use.
11.1 "MOBY Card Coupons" are discount vouchers to be used to purchase MOBY S.p.A. tickets subject to the limitations and conditions outlined at point 11 of these regulations.
11.2 Calculation of MOBY Card Coupons: every two MOBY Card points equates to EUR1.00 in MOBY Card Coupons.
11.3 MOBY Card Coupons are calculated by rounding down to whole numbers.
11.4 Customers may not sell or trade their MOBY Card Coupons.
11.5 MOBY S.p.A. will notify the owner of the Card every time MOBY Card Coupons are generated or used. Notification will be made exclusively via email to the email address on our files. Customers who have not updated their personal details to include a valid email address will not be notified.
11.6 MOBY Card Coupons can be requested and generated up until 15 March 2022 unless the program is extended.
11.7 Once issued, MOBY Card Coupons are valid from the date of issue and may be used no later than 30 days from the date of issue. After that time, any unused MOBY Card Coupons will be cancelled and the points used to generate the Coupons will be lost.
11.8 MOBY Card Coupons may be issued after 100 MOBY Card Points have been collected with a minimum value of EUR50.00 (excluding taxes, duties and fees).
11.9 MOBY Card Coupons can be used exclusively for trips with the MOBY S.p.A. carrier that are open for sale.
11.10 One MOBY Card Coupon may be used to purchased one ticket while places allocated for the campaign are available.
11.11 MOBY Card Coupons are available for 90% of departures.
11.12 The value of a single MOBY Card Coupon may not exceed EUR 500.00.
11.13 MOBY Card Coupons have a unique alphanumeric code, which is sent to the Customer via email or printed out at a MOBY office.
11.14 MOBY Card Coupons may only be used for new purchases with a value (net of taxes, duties and fees) equal to or greater than the value of the said Coupon.
11.15 MOBY Club Coupons are applied exclusively on passenger, vehicle and cabin services of the MOBY S.p.A. Company (net of taxes, duties and fees).
11.16 The value of the discount received with a MOBY Card Coupon is not refundable.
11.17 MOBY Card Coupons may be used in conjunction with all MOBY special offers, but they may not be used in conjunction with other tickets or vouchers issued for other campaigns or with offers from other operators.
11.18 MOBY Card Coupons may be used exclusively to obtain a reduction on a new MOBY ticket (not applicable retroactive) and may not be used to modify a booking.

12 Exclusions
12.1 The following tickets ("Excluded Tickets") do not qualify to collect MOBY Card Points:
12.2 Unnamed tickets for the Elba and S. Teresa-Bonifacio routes purchased by the Customer directly in the port ticket offices at Portoferraio, Cavo, Piombino, Santa Teresa di Gallura and Bonifacio.
12.3 Throughout the duration of the operation, the promoter reserves the right to assign a greater number of Points for specific activities, possibly for a limited period of time, or for the purchase of specific categories of products and/or services, and to include other categories of products and/or services in the promotion. Customers will be informed of such events via announcements in authorized travel agents and on the company websites.

13. Requesting rewards:
13.1 MOBY Card Rewards may be requested up until 15 March 2022. After this time any points collected will be deleted and any unused MOBY Card Coupons cancelled, unless the program is extended.
13.2 MOBY Card Coupons may be requested from MOBY S.p.A. or may be generated directly on the company's website.
13.3 MOBY Card Coupons issued are subject to the limitations and conditions outlined at point 11
13.4 The points corresponding to the chosen reward will be detracted from the balance when a MOBY Card Coupon is requested and generated by the card holder. Any remaining points will continue to be available and the card holder will be able to put them towards future rewards.
13.5 The reward may be used by the Customer or another person of their choice. When the Customer (or another person as specified by them) collects the ticket, they will be required to sign a release form stating that they have collected the reward and they will also be required to pay any taxes, duties and surcharges owing.
13.6 In any case, the MOBY Card Coupons will be sent to the Customer (or another reward beneficiary as specified by them) within 30 days of the request.
13.7 The Customer may modify any bookings made, upon payment of the penalty applicable and paying any price differences, by telephoning +49 611 14020 or on the company's websites.
13.8 In case of cancellation of a reservation purchased using a MOBY Card coupon, the coupon is non-refundable and cannot be re-used.
13.9 In any case, the tickets are governed by the "General Conditions of Carriage".
13.10 MOBY Card Points may not be negotiated or converted into cash.
13.11 The balance of MOBY Card points collected by the Customer may be checked on the company's websites or by phoning +49 611 14020.
13.12 MOBY Card Points collected and not used by 15 March 2022 will be cancelled automatically, unless the program is extended.
13.13 Customers are required to retain a copy of tickets purchased in order to compare their own tally with the statement balance.
13.14 Customers who intend to request a reward must not have any outstanding payments at the time when the points are used.

14. Non Italian customers
14.1 Foreign customers may participate in the MOBY Card 2015 program as long as they are located in Italy at the time that they purchase a passenger, motor vehicle, and/or cabin ticket for ferries managed by MOBY S.p.A.
14.2 Customers may participate while abroad if they purchase their ticket online on the company websites, since the server of the promoter, which collects the purchase data (which confirms the customer's eligibility to participate) is located on Italian soil.

15. Various
15.1 Under no circumstances will changes or additions to these regulations affect the rights acquired by participating customers.
15.2 In the event of suspected fraud, subscription in this operation will be suspended and all functions blocked until the Customer has been cleared of the suspected fraudulent activity and in any case MOBY S.p.A. reserves the right to carry out all the checks it deems necessary in order to re-credit the MOBY Card 2015 Points.
15.3 MOBY may cancel any MOBY Card 2015 Points, discount vouchers and tickets unjustly acquired and will inform the Customer concerned.

16. Ways of consulting the regulations and announcement of the event
16.1 The Regulations are available on the company's websites and at the head office of MOBY – Via Larga 26 - 20122 Milan.
16.2 The event will be advertised in promotional material in the ticket offices and authorized travel agencies, on ferries managed by MOBY S.p.A. and online.

17. Processing of personal data

17.1 MOBY Card: Terms and Benefits
Which is the most popular bonus for a MOBY Card holder? A discount for the next trip! For each crossing you will receive MOBY Card points. You can then convert the accumulated points into MOBY coupons and use them as a discount for your next trip with MOBY to your chosen destination.
The coupon may be used as long as seats reserved for the promotion are still available.

17.2 How to earn points
10 Euro ticket value * entitles you to 1 MOBY Card point (allotment will be made after departure)

10 Euro ticket value * entitle to 1.5 MOBY Card points (allotment will be made after the return journey)* (Ticket value) is exclusively the value in EURO of the services of the shipping company: passengers, vehicles and accommodation. Taxes, surcharges and other costs are excluded.

17.4 Collect MOBY Card points, which will become MOBY discount coupons for your next trip.
Some examples?
With 120 points you will receive a MOBY coupon for a reduction of 60 euros for a MOBY crossing of your choice.
With 180 points you will receive a MOBY Coupon for a reduction of 90 Euro for a MOBY - crossing of your choice.
The points will be credited after the trip.

17.5 Value of the points
A MOBY Card coupon may be generated from at least 100 collected MOBY Card points
The coupon may have a value of at least 50 € and a maximum of 500 €.
The coupon is valid for 30 days from the date of creation

17.6 Data protection
The personal data that you provide to our company when you participate in the Moby Card program enables you to participate in the program itself. The personal data - in accordance with Regulation (UE) 2016/679 - can be found both in paper form as well as electronically processed. These are entered into an online database managed directly by Moby. The company guarantees absolute confidentiality. (SEE INFORMATION SHEET MOBY CARD)
The data will be stored in full for the entire period required to achieve its purpose and will be used by Moby, as well as its associated authorities and / or external companies, in accordance with legal, contractual administrative, commercial obligations and advertising purposes, with the express consent of the person concerned.
In accordance with Articles 15 to 22 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, MOBY guarantees the data subject the right of access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, transferability and opposition to the processing of personal data. You can write to the email address or send a registered letter to MOBY S.p.A. - Send Milano, Via Larga 26.
The sole data controller is MOBY S.p.A., headquartered in Via Larga 26, 20122, Milano. MOBY S.p.A. has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DSB), who can be reached at the following e-mail address:

18. Final provisions
18.1 MOBY Spa reserves the right to modify, in whole or in part, these regulations, as long as this does not prejudice the rights already acquired by the participants and that the new terms are published on the company's websites and/or in authorized partner agencies and ticket offices.
18.2 These Regulations governing the promotion are available from the head office of the Promoter.

Milan, 16 March 2015

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