Moby and Corsica!

Moby and Corsica: an even closer link thanks to two new lines: Genoa-Ajaccio and Piombino-Bastia.

Moby has decided to be even closer to Corsica and its needs, offering two new lines from 2024, expanding the existing route network: Genoa-Bastia, Livorno-Bastia and Santa Teresa di Gallura-Bonifacio.

The first of the new routes is the Genoa-Ajaccio-Porto Torres, a line that was created by popular demand of our customers and that doubles the comfort, with the possibility of reaching Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica, saving time to devote to the holiday.

The second new line is the Piombino-Bastia: the FASTEST of all routes between the Mainland and the Ile de Beauté.

These are the Moby routes to Corsica:

Genoa - Ajaccio

Piombino - Bastia

Genoa - Bastia

Livorno - Bastia

Porto Torres - Ajaccio

S.T. di Gallura - Bonifacio

The Ile de Beauté is from now on more beautiful !

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