"Gusti Giusti – The Right tastes"

A qualitative offer in the name of Made in Italy

The new ships Moby Fantasy and Moby Legacy are not only the largest ferries in the world in terms of space, but they are especially so in terms of hospitality! They both respond, in an attentive way, to the needs of different types of passengers: to those who like it slow and those in a hurry, those who want something exclusive and those who prefer simplicity, adults and children, lovers of tradition and those who prefer innovation, experimentation or fusion.

Among the novelties and excellences that characterise the Moby Fantasy and the Moby Legacy is, in fact, the extraordinary gastronomic offer for which a new brand 'Gusti Giusti' has been created: a qualitative offer, entrusted to the Ligabue Group, that focuses on taste, variety and freshness.

A new concept of catering on board, an innovative format and for all types of passengers: a real revolution in the world of ferries, the creation of a food court with multiple varieties, based on tastes, dietary needs and for different times of the day.

No moment is forgotten: breakfast, aperitif, snacks, lunches and dinners, up to the delicacies for every occasion and the night hunger ... because  the service is active without interruption for the duration of the trip.

At the center of the offer there are the selected Italian gastronomic excellences proposed in a "fast casual" key. From street food to express preparations with open kitchen, from fine meats to be enjoyed at the restaurant, to fresh pasta made on board. And also a plant-based proposal at the bistro, for those who prefer sustainability and green dimension.

Overall: 7 eateries ( dining options), 15 areas with diversified offers for a total of over 50 linear meters of exposure -  pinseria, delicatessen, pasta factory with fresh products prepared on board, up to the cocktail shop and the corner goloserie for the little ones - services in non-stop operation for the duration of the trip, possibility of take away and purchase of excellent products and,  last but not least, innovative skip-the-queue technologies.

Our dining facilities