You never say no to a nice coffee

Fancy a break?

On board our ships you can enjoy an excellent coffee shop service that is ideal for breakfast, a coffee break or an aperitif.

Have a cappuccio and a brioche for breakfast, enjoy a nice cup of coffee while you read the paper, have a snack or a cool drink and enjoy a delicious aperitif with your friends.
Enjoy pleasant moments in a warm and welcoming environment that will put you at your ease right away.

We always offer our customers the best: quality ingredients, good service and a passion for coffee.


What’s better than a nice ice cream on a hot day? Thanks to the ice cream parlour on board, on MOBY ships you can allow yourself even the most summery of snacks!
Ice cream is a splendid food. Kids love it – and so do grown-ups!

Try out the MOBY ice cream parlour and sail to your destination enjoying your favourite ice cream.

MOBY, Tirrenia and Toremar are waiting for you in their on-board coffee shops!

Sweet or savoury breakfast?

Discover the delicious croissants waiting for you on board to start a splendid day.