Best Offer Moto on ferries to and from Sicily

Motorbike tariffs for Sicily

Dreaming of the splendours of Sicily on your motorbike?

The land of crystal clear seas uncontaminated beaches and unforgettable cuisine.
With Tirrenia your dream comes true!

Don’t miss this special Best Offer Moto price for motorbikes.
If available, we will automatically suggest the promotion when you book.


Ferries for Sicily
Naples - Palermo / Palermo - Naples

Rules of validity

  • The Best Offer Moto is available subject to the availability of places (which vary depending on the date and line) and is valid only with the Best Price tariff.
  • The offer is for motorbikes.
  • A ticket issued with the special Best Offer Moto can be modified for Sicily. Every modification involves the payment of a penalty, per leg, of €25, in addition to any differences in price. These penalties will be applied also in the case of a change in passenger names.
  • A ticket issued with the Best Offer Moto may not be reimbursed, even partially. If cancelled, the ticket will be subjected to a penalty equal to the total price paid. This applies automatically to all passengers added in the same booking.
  • The offer is not retroactive and may not be combined with other discounts or promotions.
  • Generally, special offers cannot be purchased directly at the port on the day of departure but must be booked.
  • When you take part in a promotion that requires a booking for a car, boarding staff will verify the presence of this vehicle. In the absence of the vehicle, the customer must pay a penalty.
  • Generally, if port staff find discrepancies between the booking and the people or vehicles that arrive for boarding, they will ask for payment of a penalty.
  • Penalties are generally equal to the cost of the highest price in our lists.

    We recommend also purchasing a Voyage Cancellation Policy.
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Routes of interest

Price per person one way. The tarif applicated varies depending on date and time of departure as well as the load of the ship. The tarif is valid only for the indicated port of destination.