Port of Civitavecchia: useful information

Passenger Port

address: Terminal autostrade del mare, 00053 Civitavecchia RM

Ticket office contacts  TIRRENIA
Tel: 0039 0766 581925 - 0039 0766 581923
E-mail: passeggeri.civitavecchia@tirrenia.it

Check-in: Electronic check-in at the dock.

Remember to arrive for embarkation at least 30 minutes before departure if you are without a vehicle or 90 minutes before departure if you have a vehicle.

All passengers, including MINORS, must arrive for boarding with a valid identity document.

Security Check

We inform you that in addition to existing criminal law on weapons, you must not introduce into the security area knives of any kind or size, bows, crossbows, spear guns, hatchets, scissors, bradawls, martial arts sporting equipment and any other instrument that could be used as an improper weapon.


Time to arrive at the port

90 min with vehicle
30 min without vehicle

Prepare for boarding

Three things to know before departure

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Travel with Tirrenia

Price per person one way. The tarif applicated varies depending on date and time of departure as well as the load of the ship. The tarif is valid only for the indicated port of destination.