Special rates for residents in Corsica

Discounts for residents

There’s a special tariff for those resident in Corsica that is applied to all European Community and other citizens who produce documentation proving they are resident in the island they are leaving or travelling to.


The special tariff applies exclusively:

Livorno - Bastia / Bastia - Livorno

Genova - Bastia / Bastia - Genova

Piombino - Bastia / Bastia - Piombino

Genova - Ajaccio / Ajaccio - Genova

Rules of validity

  • The special tariff applies exclusively to vehicles registered in the name of the resident person.
  • To take advantage of the residents’ tariff, passengers must show, when they purchased the ticket and on boarding, a valid registry certificate showing they are entitled to the tariff requested. In the absence of this documentation it will not be possible to board with tickets issued with the residents’ tariff and it will be necessary to purchase a new, full price ticket. The residents’ tariff ticket will not be reimbursed.
  • A ticket issued with the residents’ tariff associated with a special offer may not be reimbursed.
  • If the person resident is travelling together with their spouse and/or their dependent children and/or minors, the discount will be applied on production of a family composition certificate. The spouse and children who are not resident and are travelling without the person born or resident on the island must attach to their ticket a family composition certificate together with an identity document for each passenger and the person resident in Corsica.

Routes of interest

Price per person one way. The tarif applicated varies depending on date and time of departure as well as the load of the ship. The tarif is valid only for the indicated port of destination.
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