Ferries Bonifacio (Corsica) - Santa Teresa di Gallura

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If you need to organise your ferry crossing from Bonifacio to Santa Teresa di Gallura and you're looking for top quality service and outstanding comfort, don´t look further than www.mobylines.com!

Santa Teresa di Gallura is at the northern-most tip of Sardinia. It is the closest town to Corsica and one of the island's most interesting. Over the centuries, the ancient Roman settlement has blossomed into a much sought-after tourist destination. From a tour of the picturesque historic centre to the pristine waters off idyllic beaches nearby, you won't be disappointed!

Why content yourself with one island when you can enjoy two? You can go there and return on the same day with the Bonifacio - Santa Teresa di Gallura ferry. With several daily crossings daily will get you there in just 50 minutes! 

Enjoy two islands for the one unbeatable price with our special deals!

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50 minutes

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