Ferry promotions

Find out about deals on ferries to Sardinia, Corsica and Elba Island with Moby Lines

Choose from a whole host of super ferry deals for each destination!

When you book online, the Moby Lines booking system searches for the lowest price and generates the best solution, including one-way and round trips, special packages and standard fares.

Moby Lines special fares are automatically calculated by the system, which selects the lowest fare available for the requested crossing.

  • Best Offer

    Take advantage of the MOBY Lines super deal for passengers travelling with a car, with or without a cabin!

    Sardinia - Corsica

  • Tirrenia ferry offers and ferry deals

    Take advantage of the Tirrenia deal.

    Sardinia - Sicily

  • Return ticket promotion

    Save up to 20% on both legs, subject to availability.

    Sardinia - Corsica - Sicily

  • Best Offer Moto

    Take advantage of the MOBY Lines super deal for passengers travelling with a motorbike!

    Sardinia - Corsica

  • Special deal for Sardinian

    Are you Sardinian-born or a Sardinian resident? Enjoy a 30% discount or direct access to the best special deals!


  • Campervans, caravans, vans, minibuses and trailers

    MOBY Pex Camper. Travel in absolute freedom and save with the deal for 1 passenger + campervan, caravan, van, minibus or trailer.

    Sardinia - Corsica - Elba

  • Free Cabin

    Take advantage of the offer and travel comfortably between Nice and Bastia, often the cabin is free.


  • Camping on Board

    Camp on board with your mobile home or caravan and enjoy extra cheap fares. You'll save on the cabin fare too.


  • Camping on Board Malta

    Camp on board with your mobile home or caravan. You'll save on the cabin fare too.


  • Luxury Package

    V-Class - Shout yourself a little V.I.P. treatment with a range of exclusive services designed to fulfil the needs of even the most demanding passengers.


  • MOBY Night

    Start your holiday before you even leave! Save on costs and travel time by boarding the night before your crossing.


  • Day Cabin

    Book a day cabin at an unbeatable price to make your day crossing more relaxing and arrive feeling refreshed!

    Sardinia - Corsica

  • Smart departures

    DISCOVER THE DISCOUNT on passenger and/or car rates (the discount will also be applied to passengers without cars) excluding taxes and rights.