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The line from MOBY will be operated over the entire year; discover France with the new ferries Nice Corsica.

Discover Nice, a city of numerous fragrances and flavors, where the quality of life is characterized by its beauty and mild climate and Nice worths always a visit. 

With MOBY you reach Corsica from the Côte d'Azur.
Leave the ship and make a stopover in Bastia, before exploring the varied landscape of the island itself.
The town is situated between it´s mountain range and the sea; this characteristic makes Nice especially in the summer a popular tourist destination.

Embark and let yourself transport on a journey of discovery in a world of elegance and quality and to a magical place.

Carrier MOBY

7h - 7h 30 mins

Day crossing

Carrier MOBY

10h - 11h 30 min

Night crossing

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