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With Tirrenia reach Sicily, one of the most extraordinary and appreciated islands in the world, a land rich in history and unique natural sceneries.

Let us accompany you to the best beaches and most fascinating places of Sicily to discover its countless beauties: untouched sea andbeaches, exciting panoramas, art, archaeology, cultural traditions, picturesque villages and typical cuisine and wine trails.

In Sicily, cuisine is part of a complex, varied and articulated regional food culture, which shows tracks and contributions from all cultures that have settled in Sicily over the last two millennia: that stem from the traditions of ancient Greece to the "Monsù", from the culinary Arabic-Norman desserts, to the offal in the jewish manner.
The typical product list is very long, and in fact every province, and in many cases, each municipality, has its own speciality, where even the names of the same goods vary from location to location.


  • Naples - Palermo

    Duration:  10h 15 mins (night crossing)

    Operation whole year Transport enterprise Tirrenia
  • Cagliari - Palermo

    Duration:  12h (day and night crossing)

    Operation whole year Transport enterprise Tirrenia