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    General Conditions

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    MOBY S.p.A.,
    Largo Augusto, 8
    20122 Milano - Italy

    tel   +39 02 762 556 1
    fax  +39 02 773 316 36

    C.F. 04846130633 - P.I.13301990159

    Capital stock: € 36.091.677,10 i.v.

    MOBY S.p.A. (Society with a single shareholder) is subject to the direction and coordination on the part of Onorato Armatori S.r.l.

    MOBY S.p.A.
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    Data protection

    Your data is only used for the purpose for which you have given them to us. Your data is not passed on to third parties. 

    Information in compliance with Article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003

    In compliance with Article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 concerning the right of natural persons regarding the protection of their personal data, Moby S.p.A., as the data controller, hereby provides information concerning the use of personal data.

    Personal data on customers and passengers are acquired by MOBY S.p.A. during booking, purchase, check in and services also online (e.g. “Need help? Lost and Found”) and are handled for purposes concerning the procedures of ticket purchase, also online, the fulfilling of contractual, accounting and tax obligations, programming activities and internal control services, the management of any health emergencies and assistance to passengers. These operations may involve sending emails or telephoning in the case of technical requirements, mistaken interruption of processes, requests for integration of information or documents.
    In addition, by registering in the newsletter area, the customer may receive news of commercial initiatives and promotions.
    The data may be handled by telephone, telematic methods (including the use of the email address supplied during the purchasing procedure) or by post. The objectives may also be achieved through the transmission and communication of data to third parties, that is, third parties authorised to process the data, and may include the nomination of persons to be in charge of the processing if they perform or supply specific services strictly related to the execution of the contractual relationship (also via on-going processing), such as computer service companies, companies that provide payment services, approved agents, companies that provide printing, mailing, transportation and sorting services, outsourcing companies, consultants, independent professionals, and insurance companies, in accordance with the legal provisions concerning the security of data. An up-to-date list of persons in charge of processing nominated by Moby S.p.A is available from Moby S.p.A.'s registered office.

    The aforementioned objectives may also be achieved through the communication of data to other data controllers. Data relating to the online payment of tickets will be processed by SETEFI, Intesa San Paolo, Amazon Pay or Paypal, which is an independent data controller, in a protected and secure environment and will not be acquired or elaborated in any way by MOBY S.p.A.

    Furthermore, the data will be communicated to entities, authorities and third parties if required by law or if strictly necessary for the performance of the travel contract.
    The conferment of the requested data, either to fulfil a legal requirement or if strictly necessary for the performance of the contract, is imperative and refusal to supply such data makes it impossible for Moby S.p.A. to fulfil the activities requested as part of the contract and to perform the service.

    Customer or passenger-related data will not be disclosed by us, i.e. in any manner known not given,  made available or consultable to indefinite subjects.

    Clients and Passengers may subscribe to the Moby Club fidelity programme by completing the online registration procedure. Data requested during the registration procedure are processed manually and by computerised systems, exclusively to enable Clients and Passengers to benefit from the advantages made available to members of Moby Club (insertion of personal data, attribution of points, allocation of awards, communication of the points summary, system for accessing reserved areas on the website, etc.). When subscribing, only data marked with an asterisk (*) is obligatory. These fields must be completed in order for the subscription to be effective.

    For the use of cookies please refer to the section "Information processing cookies" where appropriate information is made.

    In any case, the use of the personal data of Clients for commercial and promotional purposes, and to ensure satisfactory services, perform market research, or offer services by email and other channels, is subject to the data subject's consent. Refusing consent will prevent Moby S.p.A. from processing the data and the data subject will not be able to take advantage of the respective services and commercial offers. By clicking on the designated boxes, the Client may freely decide whether to give Moby S.p.A. their consent to use the personal data for activities to improve the quality of services offered and to be informed of new services and promotions by Moby S.p.A.

    In compliance with Article 7 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003, Clients and Passengers have the right to obtain, without delay, from Moby S.p.A.: a) confirmation of the existence of personal data concerning them, and the communication of those data in a comprehensible form, along with information about their origin and the logic involved in their processing; b) the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or the blocking of data processed in violation of the law; c) the updating, rectification or, if relevant, addition of data. Clients and Passengers also have the right to oppose, on legitimate grounds, the processing of their personal data. The data controller is MOBY S.p.A., whose registered office is located in 8 Largo Augusto, 20122 Milano. The person responsible for the data processing is the current Sales and Marketing Director, whose address for this purpose is the as the head office of Moby S.p.A.

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    Secure payment system

    To purchase Moby's online tickets you will be asked to key the credit card information on our secure website (protected with a 128 bit SSL certificate); the data will be transmitted along with a security hash code to Intesa San Paolo's protected server. Intesa San Paolo is a company dedicated to payment transactions processing.


    Please note. The usage of Maestro cards for Internet purchases is an optional service; contact your bank to discover if this service is available for your Maestro card. For further information please visit:

    Purchase with Visa/MasterCard/Maestro cards

    The Intesa San Paolo online payment system adopted by Moby, implements Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode services, offered by international schemes to increase online transactions reliability. If these services have been enabled on the credit card, during the payment process you will be redirected on your bank's website, on which you will be asked to provide a password to complete the purchase.

    Please note. The pages eventually shown after keying credit card number on Moby's website are realized by the bank that issued the card used. Moby and Intesa San Paolo are not able to intercept the information keyed in those pages, because they are localized on issuer's server. For this reason, for any doubt about the information requested in those pages, we invite you to directly contact your bank.

    Purchase with PayPal


    What is PayPal?
    PayPal, the world leader in online payments, allows individuals and companies to send and receive payments online. PayPal boasts holds 100 million accounts in 190 countries and territories. PayPal is accepted by retailers and sellers around the world.

    How safe is PayPal?
    PayPal's innovative security system is designed to prevent credit card fraud and protect your credit card details. When you use PayPal the seller never sees your financial details.

    Why should I use PayPal?

    • You can use Paypal to make purchases and payments free of charge
    • You can use Paypal to make purchases and payments easily by saving your details
    • PayPal is accepted by millions of companies around the world

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    Terms of Use

    Terms of Use for MOBY websites

    1. General conditions
    2. Intellectual property rights
    3. Authorized use
    4. Consequences of unauthorized use
    5. Modifications to the website
    6. Links to other websites
    7. Limitation of liability
    8. Retention of IP addresses
    9. Applicable Law


    These are the conditions of use for all websites managed by Moby S.p.A and in particular (henceforth collectively known as the "MOBY website").

    1. General

    The MOBY website is managed by Moby S.p.A., Milano, Largo Agosto 8 (henceforth "MOBY").

    Please read these conditions of use carefully before using our website. In using the MOBY website, you indicate your acceptance of these terms of use.
    These terms of use also apply when you use the MOBY website or areas of the website from other websites that allow you to access the MOBY websites in whole or in part.

    2. Intellectual property rights

    All industrial property rights, copyrights, database rights and other intellectual property rights governing content on the MOBY website (including the layout and graphics) and the relative software codes, belong to Moby S.p.A or its licence holders. Without prior written consent from Moby S.p.A, you cannot copy, modify, distribute or and/or use or reproduce in any form, either in part or in whole, content from the MOBY website or the relative software code.

    3. Authorized use

    The use of this website for commercial purposes is prohibited. The website may only be used for the following private purposes: (i) to view the website; (ii) to make bookings; (iii) to review/modify bookings; (iv) to obtain information regarding arrivals and departures; (v) to visit other websites via links from this website; (vi) to use any other services supplied via this website. The use of any automatic system or software application designed to extract data from this website for commercial purposes (screen scraping) is prohibited, with the only exception being third parties that have directly signed a licence with MOBY to access prices and crossing and timetable information for price comparisons. Unauthorized, false or fraudulent bookings will not be accepted and this applies in particular to bookings paid for with the credit card or using the account details of a third party without their prior consent.

    4. Consequences of unauthorized use

    In addition to our other rights, regardless of whether they are governed by laws or regulations, we reserve the right to cancel your bookings without prior warning and/or prevent you from accessing the MOBY website if you violate these terms of use.

    5. Modifications to the website

    We reserve the right to perform at any time and without prior notice, improvements or modifications to the information, services, products and all content on the MOBY website.

    6. Links to other websites

    This website may contain links or references to other websites not managed by MOBY. Unless otherwise specified, we do not guarantee these other websites and we expressly decline any responsibility for their content. This disclaimer applies to all links to third party websites on the MOBY website and for all content on websites associated with these links.

    We reserve the right to restrict links to other websites to those for which we have provided our explicit written approval and to revoke our approval of any link at any time.

    7. Limitation of liability

    MOBY does not accept any responsibility for the timeliness, accuracy, completeness or quality of information supplied by third parties (e.g. partners, tour operators, port companies, website users). MOBY cannot be held responsible for material or moral damage caused by the use or not of information contained on the website, where there is no proven wilful misconduct or serious fault on MOBY's part.

    8. Retention of IP addresses

    When you visit the MOBY website, our server stores information such as your internet service provider's IP address, the website that you entered from, the pages of our website that you visit and the date and duration of your visit. In the event that these terms of use are violated, we reserve the right to use your IP address in order to take legal action and to ascertain the crime.

    9. Applicable law

    The present terms of use are governed by Italian law. Any controversy whatsoever that arises out of the use of this website shall be governed by Italian law. Furthermore, MOBY S.p.A. reserves the right to convoke the User to competent courts in the User's place of domicile.