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Find the answer to frequently asked questions about Moby Lines and Tirrenia ferries

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    Online ferry bookings

    I think I completed the online booking and payment process correctly, but I haven't received my email confirmation. What should I do?

    You can check your booking by contacting the Booking Centre on +49 (0)611 14020 during business opening hours.

    How can I obtain a special fare?

    Moby Lines special fares are automatically calculated by the booking system, which selects the lowest fare available for the selected crossing.

    What is the Insurance?

    In partnership with Hanse Merkur Versicherung, Moby Lines has created a Travel Cancellation Policy, which will enable you to be reimbursed for the cancellation fee if you are obliged to cancel due to an unforeseen event. You can purchase the insurance when booking; for further information go to Insurance.

    I have printed out the ticket I received via email. Can I present this as my travel document when boarding or do I also need to obtain a printed ticket from the port ticket office?

    The ticket you received via email (including the General Conditions) when you booked online is your valid travel document. Print out both documents and when you arrive at the port you can go directly to check-in.

    Who should I contact for information about my online booking?

    The Booking Centre will be happy to help you. Phone +49 (0)611 14020.

    Where can I find the general conditions?

    The General Conditions can be read and downloaded in PDF format from the website. We will also send you the General Conditions in PDF format in the same email as your ticket.

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    Modify or cancel a booking

    How can I modify a booking made online?

    Phone +49 (0)611 14020, or fax +49 (0)611 1402244, or send an email to info@mobylines.de, otherwise register to obtain your Moby Card and modify your booking online.

    Who should I contact to cancel a booking made online?

    To cancel your booking, please send your request via email to info@mobylines.de or via fax to +49 (0)611 1402244. You must specify that you want to cancel your booking and provide the booking reference (booking code or ticket code) along with the last four digits and expiry date of the credit card that was used to make the booking.

    When I modify my booking will I receive a new ticket?

    You will receive a new ticket in PDF format at the email address entered in the booking.

    How can I pay the difference in fare?

    When you modify your booking you can pay the difference in fare with your Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express or Diners Club credit card, pre-pay credit card or debit card.

    Can I modify my booking at the port?

    Yes, you can modify your booking up to 2 hours prior to the departure time, according to availability.

    How soon before the departure time can I modify or cancel my booking?

    You can modify your booking up to 2 hours or cancel up to four hours prior to the departure time. Any later than this and the booking cannot be modified or cancelled.
    N.B.: You can modify your booking online using your Moby Card up to 24 hours prior to the departure time, otherwise you can phone the Booking Centre on +49 (0)611 14020.

    Who can I contact to modify a booking made with a travel agency?

    You can phone +49 (0)611 14020 or go to the travel agency that issued your ticket or any other travel agency authorised to issue Moby Lines tickets.

    How can I obtain an invoice?

    After you have completed your journey, send your written request, with a copy of the ticket to: Moby Lines Europe GmbH, Wilhelmstrasse 36-38, D-65183 Wiesbaden, Germany.
     Otherwise send an email with a copy of the ticket to info@mobylines.de or a fax to +49 (0)611 1402244. Please include the following invoicing information: full company name and address, VAT number and address that the invoice should be sent to, if this is different from the invoice address.

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    Payments and refunds

    How can I pay for my online booking?

    You can pay for your booking with your Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club (credit card, pre-pay credit card or debit card), Amazon Pay or Paypal. If you are unable to pay by credit card, please contact an authorised travel agency or phone the Moby Lines Booking Centre on +49 (0)611 14020.

    Can I book online and pay at the port or in a travel agency?

    Payment for online bookings must be made at the time of booking (by credit card, Amazon Pay or PayPal) otherwise the booking cannot not be processed.

    If I have to cancel my ticket, can I obtain a refund for the cancellation fee?

    We strongly recommend that you purchase our Travel Cancellation Policy when booking your tickets to ensure you are reimbursed for any cancellation fees applied, as long as your reason for cancellation is covered by the insurance policy. For further information go to Insurance.

    What is the credit card CSC, or Card Security Code?

    The CSC is a three-digit (or 4 digits for American Express) code located on the back (or front for American Express) of the credit card The CSC must be entered in the relevant field when you enter your payment details.

    I have entered my credit card number, but the system says it's wrong even though I input the right number.

    You may have entered the card number incorrectly. The number should be entered without spaces or dashes.

    How can I get a refund for an online reservation?

    If you made your booking online you can request a refund via email to rimborsi@moby.it. Please include your booking code or ticket code. You must also include: 

    • if you paid by credit card: the last four digits and the expiry date of the card used to purchase the ticket.
    • if you used PayPal: the email address connected to your PayPal account. The refund will be transferred to your account or the credit card connected to your account (depending which was used to make the payment).
    • if you used Amazon Pay: the email address connected to your Amazon Pay account.
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    When travelling

    How early do I have to arrive before boarding?

    The deadline for reporting to check-in is 30 minutes before departure time for passengers without a vehicle and 90 minutes before for those with a vehicle (Port of Genoa at least two hours before, Port of Malta at least one hour before for passengers without a vehicle).

    Can I travel with a gas/LPG or methane-fuelled car?

    Yes, you can. When booking, in the Details and payment section, you need to select Yes in the pull-down gpl/methane window. The reservoir must be half empty when you present the vehicle for boarding and you must tell the check-in staff that you are driving a gas/LPG or methane vehicle so they can organize appropriate parking on the ship.

    Can I give my ticket to someone else?

    Your ticket is personal and cannot be used by anyone else. It is only valid for the specified journey.

    What should I do if I lose my ticket?

    Advise the issuing office of the loss/theft immediately or report to the port office at the time of boarding. To obtain a duplicate you need to present an identity document and pay a fee of €10.00. We can only issue a duplicate if the original ticket has not been used.

    Can I travel with my pet?

    Pets require a ticket to board. Dogs must wear a muzzle and be held on a leash. Pets are not allowed in cabins (with exception of the animal-cabins), in coach seats areas, and communal areas. Pets are allowed on external decks or in designated kennels, where available (places are limited). We would like to remind you that foreign authorities may ask to see valid documents such as a European passport, microchipped, veterinary certificate and vaccination record for your pet (rabies vaccinations must be given at least 21 days before the departure date). Take advantage of the Four-legged friends package: book a special cabin for you and your pet.
    You can take max 3 animals with you into a cabin, without limit to the size of them.

    I have booked a cabin or seat. Where do I request my cabin/seat allocation?

    To request your allocated cabin from October to March or seat year round you must go to the reception desk on board the ship no later than 1 hour and 30 minutes after the ship sets sail.
    From April to September cabins are allocated directly when you check in. You can collect the key from on-board info points.
    Cabins and seats that have not been allocated within the specified time will be sold.

    If I book a cabin will I have to share it with other passengers?

    No. Your cabin is for your exclusive use. The booking fee you paid reserves the entire cabin so that you do not have to share it with other passengers.

    If there are no more cabins available can I join the waiting list?

    We do not have a waiting list. You can ask at the reception desk on board to see if any cabins become available. If you wish to book the cabin, you will be requested to pay immediately.

    Who should I contact if I lose personal belongings on the ship?

    If you are still on-board, ask to speak to the Purser at the reception desk.
    If you have already disembarked, send a fax with: a description of the lost item, the name of the ship, route, and date and time of departure, to +49 (0)611 1402244, or phone +49 (0)611 14020.

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    Moby Card

    How do I register for a Moby Card?

    You can register on the registration page by entering the requested information.

    What the advantages of Moby Card?

    You may book your holiday quicker, change your reservation up to 24 hours before departure on our website and at the same time you will collect a lot of points. There for you can obtain MOBY coupons which you can use for MOBY departures to Sardinia, Corsica and the Island of Elba, as long as forseen places for this action are available.

    How many points do I need to collect in order to obtain a MOBY Coupon?

    A MOBY coupon can be created from at least 100 MOBY Card points.

    How do I obtain the MOBY Coupon?

    Please contact the Moby Lines Booking Centre on: +49 (0)611 14020 or send your request via email to info@mobylines.de

    How do I tell the booking system that I have a Moby Card and collect my booking points?

    If you log in before paying, the system will automatically link your booking to your Moby Card.
    Otherwise, you can enter the booking on your Moby Card account page.

    When I enter my Moby Card account, why can't I see the points earned for an online booking?

    Your points are only accredited after travel has been completed.