Camping on board

Camping on Board - 2021 not available

The Camping on board formula is the ideal solution for travelling in the comfort of your camper or caravan.

You can stay on board your vehicle throughout the crossing and still enjoy the on-board services the ship offers.
And thanks to this very popular service your four-legged friends can stay quietly and happily with you.

Note: Camping on Board is permitted only on vehicles registered as campers or caravans. Cars, vans and minibuses cannot use this formula.

Rules of the service:

  • The service is available subject to availability of places and only on departures offering the "Camping on Board" formula.
  • Petrol engined cars or campers are not allowed in the "Camping on Board" area.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use gas cylinders or light stoves, including electric ones.
  • In line with the safety regulations and Code of Navigation, if the weather is bad the Captain may prohibit access to the Camper area and ask passengers to remain in the internal areas.
  • "Camping on Board" is only allowed in favourable weather.
  • Booking is allowed only for campers and caravans, with a maximum of nine passengers per vehicle.

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