Weekend Tour to Corsica 2019

Visit the French island with MOBY

The Weekend Tour MOBY!

To enjoy a few days of sea, culture and relax, just go to Corsica and treat yourself to a Weekend Tour with MOBY!

The Weekend Tour allows you to visit the fascinating Corsica for a few days while enjoying the comfort and services of MOBY ferries.
Departure from Genoa with arrival in Bastia, the Weekend Tour lasts 3 days and 2 nights, with departure on Friday evening and return on Sunday morning.

The arrival is in Bastia, an important city on the east coast of Corsica, which will convince you with its rich historical heritage and natural beauty. As soon as you arrive, you will be able to explore the historic center and be enchanted by beautiful sights such as the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista, the largest religious building in Corsica, or the Palazzo dei Governatori, located within the fortress and accessible through the door of Louis XVI . Do not forget to take a walk to Piazza San Nicola, the heart of Bastia, or to the old port of Porto Vecchio. You will enjoy a unique view over the whole city, then a walk up to the Jardin Romieu, which is located directly at the foot of the fortress.
These are just a few of Bastia's attractions, but there is much more to discover!

At the moment it is not possible to book a Weekend Tour to Corsica, but if you don't want to miss the next Weekend Tour, subscribe to our newsletter and get the latest news from the world of MOBY.

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